Gracias 2017!

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O dear 2017!

You have flown so fast!

Your sunshine brought along its burns,

Your drizzles cleared off the dusts,

Your winds blew away my doubts,

And your Rains became my blessing.



Who Moved My Cheese?

By: Spencer Johnson

When you get a hold of it and start reading the first few pages, you would probably wonder why the hell this book has so far sold over 21million copies since it was first published. at their 10th anniversary even said the e-book version of it was their All Time then! I would personally recommend it to a 8year old! But then again, simple things aren’t just simple. I read the book for the first time about 15hrs ago and finished it in less than 2hrs, (If you are a fast reader you’d probably take less than one hour) but I like to ponder up on a point that has touched me sometimes, thats probably why I take double the time.

The simple story of how Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw (the four characters in it) dealt with all the issues surrounding them has since changed the way I look at everything. For so long I have been way too comfortable with the way things are in my life, too comfortable to realize the changes that have taken place around me. I have, for so long, lived the Hem and Haw kind of life. Or have I even been worse!

As life goes on, it is prone to change, and we need to be ready to move along with the change. Don’t start questioning “Who Moved My Cheese?” and start to hem and haw, when you can read this book and change your perception.

Cheese: is a metaphor here! It represents anything that you have thought to be gold in your life, and simply cant live without! Whether it’s your dream Job, wealth, family etc.

I hope you find it and read it!

Noel Tree


Christmas tree, sparkling bright,
Filled with baubles, warmth and light,
Precious symbol of our affection,
For Christmas time and its perfection,
Show each night your radiant glory
For oohs’ and aahs’ obligatory.

Christmas tree, don’t let us down,
Show something special at your crown
An angle, star, or glorious piece,
To make our holiday’s joy increase,
An icon pure, ideal, and complete,
You make our memories fond and sweet,
Glitter and glisten, gleam and glow
Oh Christmas tree, we love you so.


Beautiful piece by #JoannaFuchs



He sat and wondered
Why sweetness had left him,
He scratched his hair off,
Wondering where bitterness,
had come from,
had reigned,
And it had for long.
And yet,
The sky was beautiful,
The morning sun’s rays sparkled,
The birds sung, and
in the echo, a new song.
In the fields,
Nature’s gifts grazed and gazed,
Beauty poured by the heavens,
Overflowing in the valleys.
And so he stood,
in awe of God’s own,
The unfathomable artistry,
free for all.
And there,
he found life,
nature’s sweetness,
oozed within him,
The ever lasting kind of sweetness.



I don’t want to kiss,
Sometimes I don’t want to cuddle,
I don’t even want to breathe in;
Your sweet breath,
Sometimes I don’t want to tell you
How long my day was,
And how many winks I dismissed.

I just want to look
deep into your glowing eyes,
to where I see my paradise,
And just wonder
at what God was thinking
when he created you.
Because  when he made you,
He must have been thinking,
About me.

And then I’ll kiss you,
And we’ll cuddle.
And as I take in your sweet breath
I’ll tell you how long my day was,
how many winks I dismissed,
And most certainly,
how I was longing to come home to you.




Little ones
oh so young
oh so free,

with happy feet,
they grace the park
showered with bliss,
Innocence and satisfaction.
God’s own pieces of art
painted for all.
As leaves fall,
the cracklings of the old
brings forth joy.

The winds,
with utmost tenderness-
caress their rosy cheeks,
As their laughter echo
beyond the horizon.
And smiles stir
pure, and true love–
love for peace
love for all.



She stumbles,
She falls,
Her torn dress, oh so old
Patches brown , five a flowers
Even then, she affords a giggle.

Walking as she skips,
Her tiny feet flips
She stands and stares at the doll
On her path lying so lone,
Her fingers make a cross
With hope, mama will kiss
Her new friend, along with her.

Her bed of steel
She holds on still,
Its creaks,
Only she loves.
Mama won’t hear her snore
In the moonlight and its glow.

Her plate with no cherry
A beautiful morning so chilly,
She looks at mamas eyes
With a smile so tender,
She gobbles her milk in haste
And runs out to play.

Dusk will then fall,
With signs of Peace a new.
A moment alone
In the tiny wooden crib
Only then will she sing along
With the moon so full of life
And the stars will light her face,
She, the heavenly princess.